Our identity

ENAIP started its activity in 1968 in Reggio Emilia in agreement with the Artigianelli Institute founded in 1958 by Don Zefirino Jodi.

Fondazione Enaip Don Magnani has its aim in trying to find answers to the growing needs of integration and welcome, of facing the differences, of dealing with the change, of anticipating the uneasiness of young people and their families, increasing different solutions to make them find their place in society and to take them to their work.

Who we are and what we do

We deal with the project and realisation of formative courses in different fields such as for example engineering-meccatronic, services to the person, work guidance, courses alternating work-laboratory, welfare, social inclusion, food and wine, graphics and informatics, goods and people safety, marketing and sales, textile and clothes.

We also dedicate part of aur job in activities of research on themes of particular regional and interregional relevance, through collaborations with organisations and institutions interested in studying phenomena of social trends characterizing social-economic periods.

We realize activities financed by the European Social Fund, by the Region, by the Province of Reggio Emilia or activities requested and paid by firms or organisations or in favour of citizens who are willingto improve their professional enrichment.

We firmly believe in creativity and innovation, in experiencing and contamination of ideas and experiences.

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